The BrainCool™ System

Quick, precise and intuitive temperature management of patients


BrainCool™ System is a medical device for treating a wide range of patients.

The BrainCool™ System (branded the IQool™ System in the United States) is a medical device for high quality targeted temperature management (TTM) of adult patients. Based on surface cooling, the BrainCool™ System monitors and controls a patient’s temperature between 33℃ – 38.5℃ and is ready to engage within seconds.

Intelligent. Safe. Simple.

The BrainCool™ System puts temperature control at the physician’s fingertips. Through surface cooling of three anatomical zones – the head and neck, the thighs and the torso – the patient is quickly but cautiously brought to a set target temperature with high precision.

Soft silicone pads, prefilled with the non-toxic cooling agent BCCOOL, are applied to the patient’s body and attach to an automated control unit in a closed loop heat-exchange system. The control unit features an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, informative graphics and an automatic feedback loop, which allows clinicians to manage their patient rather than a device.

  • Intuitive interface with helpful graphics
  • Case data can be downloaded for insightful reviews
  • Control over the patient’s temperature throughout the treatment chain
  • Temperature graphs for continuous visual monitoring
  • Closed system with internal feedback loop
  • Easily connected, independent cooling pads
  • Long-term temperature management for multiple days
  • CE marked and 510 (k) approved by the FDA

Soft Silicone Pads

  • Quick and easy skin checks
  • Pre-filled/no purging
  • High flow rate optimizes heat transfer
  • The pads may be wiped clean
  • The pads last the continuum of care
  • Easy to apply
  • Three zones available
  • Non-adhesive
  • Intimate skin contact
  • Skin friendly soft silicone
BrainCool System

The product

BrainCool™ System represents the next generation of temperature control systems designed for surface cooling, and focuses on three independent anatomical zones: head/neck, thighs and torso.

BrainCool™ System quickly and efficiently regulates body temperature in adult patients with easily applied pads filled with BC COOL (a biological and non-toxic coolant) connected to an automatic temperature control unit. BrainCool™ System acts within seconds to enable clinicians to handle patient temperature quickly and efficiently, depending on different needs.

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